Winter Essentials

Take Your Health To The Next Level This Winter!

Essential oils are so versatile!

Their multitude of uses is IMPRESSIVE. What else do you know that can decrease your stress levels, increase your natural energy, disinfect wounds and surfaces, promote healthy digestion, AND make your home smell wonderful?

Any way that you look at it, essential oils are powerful!

One of the greatest times of year to incorporate essential oils into your life is winter! The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and we all begin to crave some relaxing down time. This sets up the perfect opportunity for us to get cozy with our oils and share them with the people we love.

In addition, it is common for many people to equate winter time with “sick time.” Whether it be alleviating the dreaded winter blues, a stuffy nose, or to preventively strengthen your immune system, these powerful products may be your remedy. There is no reason to suffer when essential oils could be your simple solution!

This Facebook Class is going to be a fun opportunity for you to learn how to THRIVE this Winter without any products that are filled with toxins or other harmful ingredients. dōTERRA® has a plethora of natural and safe solutions for you to incorporate in your life.

Join me to see how you can get cozy with your oils and make this winter your BEST one yet at my Facebook Class, Winter Essentials, on Monday, December 18th at 7:00 pm EST at .

During this experience, you will learn fun DIY products, holiday gift ideas, diffuser blends, and even tasty edible recipes.

An Inside Look Into the Company

Why dōTERRA®?

dōTERRA®’s Commitment to Purity:
All of its oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), a standard that dōTERRA® developed to make certain that each and every batch of oil is tested accordingly for purity and potency in an effective, uniform way.

dōTERRA®’s Community Involvement:
The company is not only very transparent with their practices, but also expands its efforts beyond their direct market. dōTERRA® has incredible charity organizations, humanitarian partnerships, and co-impact sourcing programs.

dōTERRA® sources its oil from all over the world in accordance of their Co-Impact Sourcing. These efforts create unity and income to growers, distillers, and laborers, while ensuring the products they receive are from plants grown in their indigenous environment. dōTERRA® works with these coalitions to provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to create and maintain a long-lasting partnership.

dōTERRA®, also, coordinates an ongoing charity campaign called Healing Hands Foundation™. This foundation is only one of the ways that dōTERRA® assumes its social responsibility with helping those in need.

Hosted by:

Leslie Block

What is my MOTIVATION?

Ever since I was introduced to dōTERRA® essential oils, I have been continually blown away at how much these products have AMPLIFIED my life.

Because of this, I have made it my responsibility to share these powerful products with as many people as possible. This has become my WHY and it truly is an honor to introduce the essential oils into so many people’s lives.

I am motivated to share the POWER of these products with others and how easy it is to incorporate them into your regular routine.

dōTERRA® products can (and WILL) make an enormous difference when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Invite the people you care about most to my Facebook Class, Winter Essentials - Get Cozy With Your Oils And Make
This Winter The Healthiest Yet! to learn ways essential oils can make your winter ever more wonderful!

Now that you KNOW essential oils’ ability to change lives, will I see you there?

This is guaranteed to be a GREAT time!

I Can’t Wait to Share on Monday, December 18th at 7:00 pm EST!