STARfish™ Sales Performance Training

Don’t Let Your Potential Be Wasted Because The World NEEDS What You Offer...

I know you will agree with this bold statement….

dōTERRA® products are transformational!

I am sure you had an experience with the oils similar to myself and the moment they entered your life everything changed for the better because of the products, the company, the people...EVERYTHING!

But here is a challenge that I am sure you face because most builders will agree that the #1 barrier to getting more people using the oils is…


I am going to go out on a limb and say that you probably have never taken any “sales training” in your career and in your ideal world you would just share doTERRA with as many people as possible and hope they will start using the products because this will change their lives and grow your business….but unfortunately, hoping is not enough.

You need SALES skills -- AND you need to learn to LOVE selling in an authentic way.

This is why I invite you to participate in August 7th 2017 a called STARfish™ - The #1 Sales Performance Training For Wellness Advocates starting on where we will kickoff a 30 day sales performance training where I will hold you accountable, share resources with you, and provide specific videos that will enhance the most important skill you need in this business - SELLING!

You Will Walk Away From This Experience Transformed

I totally understand if the world SALES makes you cringe and the thought of becoming a salesperson was never the vision for your life, but this training is guaranteed to shift your paradigm on what selling actually represents.

And here is the coolest part…

What you will learn during this 30 day sales performance training will not only support you in your dōTERRA® business, but it will also significantly improve your relationship with your children, spouse, business partner, and any other important people in your life.

This is hands down the most important training that I offer and whether you are extremely excited right now or filled with fear, I ask you to take action anyways because the outcome is TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Just in case you are wondering, here are a few topics that I will cover during this training:

-3 Keys to Success
-Control the Controllables
-Being a STARfish v. SELLfish
-The doTERRA Sales Cycle
-Handling Customer Concerns and Objections
-Connect and Contact
-Learn How People Buy
-The Emotional Roller Coaster
-Teaching a Class
-And so much more!

Hosted by:

Leslie Block

Your Sales Trainer During This Experience Is The One and Only Neal Anderson


Neal is a husband, father, inspirational speaker, performance coach and top selling author of Being the STARfish: 7 Steps to Sharing so People Want to Buy. Over the past 20 years, Neal has been selling products, leading teams, and inspiring people to move their businesses and their lives to the next level. He is blessed to have had clients that range from a 2-time Super Bowl Champion to top producing sales leaders from various industries, backgrounds and experience levels from across the country.

His direct selling and leading experience includes personally performing over 50,000 prospecting calls, 5,500 in home presentations, over 5,000 more with everyone from lawyers and law firms, health professionals and doctors to government agencies to top Network Marketing leaders.

Neal even had an amazingly gratifying yet intense 6 year career selling educational books door to door 80 hours per week on straight commission to pay his way through undergraduate and law school.

Neal and his wife Erin are also Blue Diamonds with dōTERRA®

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